A Healthier Lifestyle, A Happier Life

We at Cal Phresh are dedicated to one thing: helping you to lead a happier, healthier and more productive life. Good health is a precious blessing, and good health starts with the wholesome goodness of fresh foods that give us strength, keep us fit, and eventually define who we are.

Cal Phresh is made up of a community of people dedicated to making our world a little fresher and healthier, one head of lettuce, one apple and one glass of milk at a time. Our founders are doctors and farmers, people who are connected to the land and who have dedicated their lives to the health and well-being of those around them, as at this site.

One of our most important founding principles at Cal Phresh is choice. We have taken a unique approach and have applied modern technology with a proprietary delivery system to provide a new way to choose a healthy and balanced diet of fresh, delicious food for your family.

Cal Phresh’s Cold Chain Supply

How to Set Up Your Family’s Supply of Fresh, Healthy Food

Cal Phresh brings fresh food from California farms, dairies and fisheries to your home. Your weekly trip to the market is replaced by a weekly delivery of freshly caught seafood and farm-fresh vegetables, fruits, milk, and cheese, all packed with care in our proprietary Ship-Phresh™ packaging. You will taste the freshness of food only days away from being picked on the farm – a clean, healthy freshness that means a better diet and a better you.

 Our standard package includes a full week’s supply of fresh seafood, fruits, vegetables, milk and other dairy products. Each week’s combination of foods is varied depending upon what is coming in freshest off the farms, orchards and fishing boats. See our Fruits, Vegetables, Dairy and Seafood pages for the range of recent items available from our farms and fisheries. Each week we will also post that week’s selection once the crops have started coming in and we know what will make the quick trip from our farmers’ fields to your table.

 Soon we will add an expanded choice of customized packages that will give you even more freedom to decide what and how your family is nourished. We wil also be bringing you a choice for meats and other premium foods.

The first step toward this new healthy choice for you and your family is registration in the Cal Phresh program. Click here to find out how you can get started today.