Fresh American Milk

Our naturally wholesome milk, protected by “cold-chain” technology. Doubly certified by the USA and China, transported by air to preserve freshness.


America’s CalPhresh & Guangzhou Cal Phresh Trading Co Ltd


Enjoy the taste of fresh Californian milk from across the ocean without leaving your home, and help your loved ones to enjoy a healthy life every day


4 weeks (one 1.89 liter bottle/week): 1200 RMB (300 RMB/bottle)

12 weeks: 3420 RMB (285 RMB/bottle)

26 weeks: 7020 RMB (270 RMB/bottle)


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Product Description

Cal Phresh uses its own cold-chain Ship-Phresh TM transport system (patent-pending), and is the only company using this scientifically advanced method of guaranteeing the freshness of milk delivered to your home.

Milk is a wholesome food that has been an important part of balanced Western diets for thousands of years. Nutrients are safely preserved in fresh pasteurized milk, which must be kept cold and is good for only several weeks. “Ultra-Pasteurized” milk, however, can sit on your grocer’s unrefrigerated shelves for many months, and is significantly lower in important vitamins, absorbable protein and other nutrients.  Pasteurized milk comprises 99.9% of the milk consumed in Canada, 99.7% in the United States, and 99.3% in Japan. In China, however, more than 75% of the milk consumed, is Ultra-Pasteurized. 

 You will taste the difference in rich, fresh, and nutritious pasteurized Cal Phresh milk. 

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