Weekly Family Food Supply

This is our most basic product. You pay a monthly subscription fee and each week you will receive a shipment of 15 kg of food that will nourish your family for the entire week. Each shipment contains a variety of fresh seafood, fruits and vegetables as well as fresh milk, all from American fisheries and farms. You will also receive other dairy products from California, and in the future these weekly packages will also contain meats, guaranteed fresh.

15,750.00 ¥

SKU: distributor.

Product Description

Cal Phresh is a revolutionary program that can bring farm-fresh food straight from American farms and fisheries to your family’s dinner table. Every week, we bring a fresh supply of fruits, vegetables, fish and dairy across the Pacific Ocean, a total of 15 kg of food that has been picked, milked or caught within days of its arrival in China, and then whisk it all to your home.  We use a proprietary Ship-Phresh™ packaging system to keep everything cool and fresh throughout the journey from farm to table, often fresher and faster than if you purchased it at a grocery store in America. Soon we will be adding meats to our weekly shipments.

 Now you have a new fresh and healthy choice for your family.

Special Introductory Offer

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For a limited time we are offering a special introductory package of 3 weeks of fresh vegetables, fruit, pasteurized milk and other dairy products.Register now, and take the first step toward a new healthy choice for you and your family.