Striving for perfection, from the way cows are raised…

…to the technologically advanced distribution system


#1 Quality You Can Taste

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 4.26.06 PMBeautiful, natural green pastures and abundant grass provide a plentiful and healthful food supply for grazing cows. Their clean surroundings underneath the beautiful blue Californian sky ensure the health of the cows, which are under the daily care of professional breeders. A healthy daily diet yields a healthy supply of milk, reaping the truly Californian ideal of animals and people living in harmony with nature. Our bottles contain 100% milk — No water, no additives, just milk!!!

#2 Advanced Cold-Chain Transportation

flow-enAn innovative American company, Cal Phresh uses its own cold-chain Ship-Phresh TM transport system (patent-pending), and is the only company using this scientifically advanced method of guaranteeing the freshness of milk delivered to your home. Milk is a wholesome food that has been an important part of balanced Western diets for thousands of years. Nutrients are safely preserved in fresh pasteurized milk, which must be kept cold and is good for only several weeks. “Ultra-Pasteurized” milk, however, can sit on your grocer’s unrefrigerated shelves for many months, and is significantly lower in important vitamins, absorbable protein and other nutrients. Data show that pasteurized milk comprises 99.9% of the milk consumed in Canada, 99.7% in the United States, and 99.3% in Japan. In China, more than 75% of the milk consumed, including Yili and Mengniu brands (伊利,蒙牛), is Ultra-Pasteurized.

You will taste the difference in rich, fresh, and nutritious pasteurized Cal Phresh milk. 

#3 Strictest Inspection & Safety Standards

milkIn the U.S., both the quality and the safety of milk is subject to very strict regulation by both the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). From an immaculate milking process on the farm, to carefully sterilized containers, to meticulously monitored processing, and finally on to a technologically advanced transport to your dining table, quality control is the first order of business and has made our pure milk one of the world’s safest and most secure foods. 

#4 Fresh, Healthy Milk

shutterstock_146724557First, our California ranches provide natural pastures and meadows, not man-made environments, manufactured feed or polluted soil. These ancient fields guarantee a safe environment for cows to grow and live, and therefore guarantee a rich milk quality and the security of knowing that milk has been derived from the safest, most natural source. Second, our farmers do not use any growth hormones or antibiotics, so that their cows live, grow and provide wholesome milk – naturally. Third, our milking, packaging, and transportation are implemented under the strictest guidelines and regulations. The entire chain of operations reflects the standardization that has protected American consumers and has provided them with safe healthy milk. Our milk products have received America’s most authoritaDve certification from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the U.S. FDA.